Change is continuous, it happens anyway and it is getting faster.

In a world governed by unrelenting digital disruption, the most creative and fleetest of foot will thrive. The rest will find it a struggle to cross the digital divide. The landscape of business alters almost daily, with technology driving change in labour markets, supply chain, manufacturing processes, marketing approaches… in every area of business. To understand that all those are in fact parts of one and the same process of digital transformation is to see the context of what action is required today, and to set a course for future success.

Elevater combines the best of battle-tested professionalism, with seasoned creative and strategic skills and constantly morphing awareness of the digital context. We bring you strategic advice and deliver tools and processes required for your company to flourish in this constantly evolving landscape.

Not convinced? No problem at all. Maybe give it a few more paragraphs...

We are a cross-disciplinary, or rather an anti-disciplinary team, to borrow a term coined by MIT’s Media Lab, steeped in decades of experience in all facets of design, communications, marketing, media and many aspects of technology. Headquartered in the digital and creative hub of Brighton, on England’s southern coast, we work largely as a virtual consultancy, gathering the most appropriate team of experts for each project. We are multilingual, geography-agnostic and aggressive in delivering only solutions which we firmly believe will help our clients thrive into the future. We live on the digital edge.

Not every company is the right client for us. In fact, most companies will not be, as they are firmly rooted in their legacy systems and set in their ways. We sincerely wish them good luck. Clients we look for have an inkling that those very legacy systems, marketing methods, product development processes and staffing guidelines that have served them well in the past may just be holding them back. Written in large letters on every wall we care to look at is a requirement to design change as a key strategic value into every aspect of the business. We can help leaders who have seen this writing on the wall, and are looking for ways to decipher it.

Our methods cross the lines which have traditionally divided disciplines and “sectors”. Mental silos, of any kind, are probably the biggest nails in the coffin of any company in these times. We work hard to build bridges between those, indeed to open them up altogether wherever possible, so we do not believe in creating them in our own work.

Our approach is a four-step method of “Discovery”, “Insights”, “Mapping”, and “Delivery.” That much you will recognise in the working methods of many traditional creative agencies or strategy consultants. Any similarity ends there, however. Popping up all around the World are a generation of new kind of consultancy, where Context is King - small groups of anti-disciplinary professionals able to smoothly switch between design, communications, technology and any other discipline required to get the job done as well as possible, in the least amount of time. You will see a lot more of these springing up, from London to Sao Paolo and from Melbourne to New York City, and we are at the forefront of this thinking.

Speaking of time, we do not charge for it. In fact, we do not keep time sheets, file reports or invoice by the quarter-hour. That kind of “accountability” belongs in the Past. It slows down delivery and invites fruitless discussions on comparative efficiency. Therefore, we do not sell our time. We charge by project since we sell our insights, knowledge, experience, skills, ideas and contacts. If you would rather get time sheets itemised down to the last five minutes, then we are probably not the right consulting shop for you.

One of the main reasons for this, though there are many, is that to remain current we need to be involved in, and stay on top of, many disparate strands of knowledge, fields of endeavour and actual projects all at the same time. Since the greatest value we bring to any project is contextual awareness, we need to remain constantly aware, and open to, the inflow of information. There is no fair, or logical, way to charge by the hour if we are thinking about several different projects at the same time, and using each to spark off solutions for any of the others.